A Breakthrough in Oil and Grease Measurement:  ClearShotTM Technology

In industrial processes, the presence of oil and grease in water can signal potential leaks or contamination, posing significant risks to operations, safety, product quality and the environment. Detecting and quantifying these hydrocarbons accurately and efficiently is paramount for maintaining stable operations and minimizing environmental impact. Orono Spectral Solution’s (OSS) ClearShot Extractors offer a revolutionary solution, providing a solvent-free method for Total Oil and Grease (TOG) measurement, coupled with advanced spectroscopic analysis, to streamline detection, identification, and mitigation processes.

Fingerprinting Enables Rapid Prediction of a Leak Source

In a recently published article in The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering from the Syncrude Research Center, scientists report on their success in demonstrating  the OSS method (ASTM D7575), based on ClearShot patented technology, as the optimal method to determine oil concentrations in their cooling water systems.  As the presence of oil has a negative effect on their operation, it is important to identify the source of the oil as quickly as possible and to determine the amount of oil that is present.  The unique capabilities of the OSS oil in water test method would allow them to achieve both objectives quickly, safely and accurately. 

As highlighted by the Syncrude team (Wong,Ripmeester,Thacker, Duford, 2024, p.1) , “The hydrocarbon fingerprinting enables rapid prediction of a leak source which reduces the time and analysis required to isolate a leak as well as reducing the cost and environmental impact associated with blowdown and purge (disposal and treatment) of contaminated water.”

Significant Benefits of ClearShot Technology (ASTM D7575) Over Traditional Methods

ClearShot technology, in conjunction with Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), presents a novel approach to TOG measurement. Traditionally, identifying hydrocarbon leaks in cooling water systems has been laborious, involving tedious trial and error methods. However, with ClearShot extractors, the process becomes straightforward and rapid.

A solvent-free TOG method was developed and optimized for Syncrude specific analytes (bitumen derived process streams) using ASTM D7575 as a starting point.  This new method has a reporting limit of 0.3 mg/L and contains a robust approach to QC that was previously lacking. Compared to historic solvent-based methods, this new method is cheaper, has decreased exposure risk, lowers ergonomic stress on technologists, has improved safety and environmental performance due to the elimination of solvents, and it can handle emulsion prone sample types (process water). On top of this, the ClearShot extractors allow for field testing as well as characterization and source identification of TOG material.” (Wong, et al., 2024, p.10)

Empowering Industries to Proactively Manage Hydrocarbon Contamination

ClearShot Technology represents a paradigm shift in oil and grease measurement, delivering tangible benefits beyond conventional methods that enhance industrial safety, efficiency, and environmental performance. By combining solvent-free TOG measurement with advanced spectroscopic analysis and hydrocarbon identification techniques, ClearShot extractors empower industries to proactively manage hydrocarbon contamination, mitigating risks, and optimizing operations by preventing costly downtime.

Read the full article in The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering.  To determine if the ClearShot extractor method is suitable for your application, please contact your local OSS distributor or OSS directly at www.ossmaine.com.