Using Our Technology for Water Testing Quality Control Purposes

Organizations in many different markets need to ensure product quality and performance through water testing quality control methods.

Measuring Oil and Grease

OSS ClearShot™ Extraction Technology system provides fast, accurate and solventless oil and grease measurements in many challenging applications which include:

  • Water systems – incoming, in process and in effluent streams
  • Urea Liquor in Diesel Exhaust Fluids (DEF)
  • Ammonia – anhydrous & aqueous for many applications including Fertilizer Production
  • Residual materials in cleaning systems – providing quantitative information to determine suitability for use
  • Glycols / Engine Coolants
  • Compressed Gas Streams

Measuring Other Contaminants

OSS ClearShot Extraction Technology has also been used to measure other contaminants that may negatively affect product performance or quality.  Mid-process analysis of product can prevent costly rework or downgrading of product.  ClearShot Extractors provide the information needed within a few minutes giving operators the information they need to make critical process decisions.

In addition, ClearShot Extractors can be used to establish the quality control baseline for future testing.  Deviations can be measured so that appropriate actions can be taken to correct issues.

Identification of Unknown Materials

All too often materials are present that may or may not be what we think they are.  Remove all doubt quickly and effectively with ClearSampler™ Disc Technology. These specifically designed discs ensure that even the smallest of samples are positioned properly to be tested with FTIR, ATR or Raman instruments.