How Our ClearShot™ Technology Can Help You

ClearShot technology provides a quick, easy and accurate method to measure oil content in these critical commodity chemicals.

Measuring oil and grease in UAN, Urea and DEF is a critical test method for the performance of these materials. These products, which are used in applications including fertilizer, health care or as a fuel, can be negatively impacted by the presence of oil in performing as needed.  The current method used by many businesses to measure oil content has created significant challenges and issues.

OSS ClearShot™ technology presents an opportunity to fully ensure that your outgoing products or incoming materials meet oil content specifications.

Advantages of the OSS Clearshot Method

  • Solventless – No use of Hexane, acids or other chemicals
  • Fast Accurate Results – 15 minutes sample to results
  • Small sample sizes needed – reducing safety risks
  • Validated against current test methods
  • Adheres to Green Principles
  • Easy to Adopt
  • Industry recognized and awarded technology
  • Sample retention for further testing and quality control

OSS technology, in combination with FTIR capabilities, can create product “fingerprint” catalogues. These individual characteristics of different oil products can be used to identify which oil is present in the sample being analyzed.  This feature translates into the benefits of reduced off-spec material, prevention of downtime and reduction in potential customer claims.

Other Applications for the ClearShot Method

There are a variety of applications in which our technology can be utilized, including:

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