How We Can Help You

At OSS, we can develop methods, products, services or solutions to meet your requirements.

We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your needs. The custom research and development opportunities we can provide include:

You sample – we test

  • Samples can be taken by your team on site utilizing the ClearShot™ extractors or ClearSampler™ discs and then mailed to OSS for testing.

You have an issue with oil and grease contamination in your process or effluent – we develop a solution to safely, quickly and accurately measure oil content

  • OSS will work with your team in your facility to develop a solution that addresses your needs and train technicians to perform these tests on their own.

You would like to identify an unknown material

  • OSS can assist you with your sampling and identification needs using the ClearSampler discs in combination with the appropriate testing equipment.

Examples of Customized Solutions:

  1. Customer needed to measure residue of an oil that is both soluble in oil and water. OSS developed a special extractor to capture the oil efficiently and then quickly measure the concentration.
  2. Customer had issues with high oil concentrations in their process material. OSS developed a catalogue of all oil products used within the production plant and enabled customer to quickly identify the source of the oil leak and correct the problem, significantly reducing loss of product.
  3. Customer was forced to shut down a production facility because of incoming product quality issues. OSS developed a quick and accurate method to assess incoming product quality which enabled the customer to measure the quality before the product was offloaded into storage silos.
  4. Customer needed to identify unknown materials quickly and safely while protecting employees. OSS ClearSampler discs enabled quick, safe and accurate collection of samples for immediate identification.