The OSS Method for Measuring Oil and Grease in Soil

ClearSoil Extraction Technology is the Accurate, Cost-Effective, Rapid and Simple Method to Measure Oil and Grease in Soil.

This significant technical advancement provides the tools to accurately, precisely, quickly and cost-effectively measure oil in soil.  OSS ClearSoil Extraction Technology eliminates the guesswork in trying to determine color ranges to estimate oil concentrations.  In addition, this test method can determine the level of oil and identify the oil in samples.  This last benefit can quickly lead to the source of the oil issue and/or eliminate specific possibilities from being the source. Due to its portability, this technology can help prevent a minor issue from becoming a major crisis.

Eliminate Challenges of Other Methods

Measuring oil in soil has traditionally been challenging. With ClearSoil Extraction Technology, this simple, quick, safe and cost-effective method can provide immediate feedback and identification analysis in the field or in the lab. Avoid having to guess on the concentration of the oil in soil or not being able to identify the source of the oil. In addition, real-time data avoids downtime of equipment at remediation sites, such as those with leaking tanks, pipelines and retention ponds.

Advantages of the OSS Oil in Soil Method

  • Simple Method Requiring Only Five Steps to Complete
  • Quickly and Accurately Determine Oil Level in Soil
  • Identify the Specific Oil or Oils in the Sample
  • Reduce Operator Error
  • Retain Electronic and Physical Data for Future Results

OSS Resources for Measuring Oil in Soil

Oil in Soil Information Sheet

Oil In Soil Method Overview

Oil Identification

Identify the Source

OSS Clearshot technology, in combination with FTIR capabilities, can be used to create individual oil product “fingerprint” catalogues. These individual unique characteristics of different oils are used to automatically identify which oils are present in the sample being analyzed, with no additional steps required.

Prevent Quality Issues

OSS will work with your team to identify the oil products in samples being analyzed. In production facilities, you can quickly identify the source of an oil problem and take immediate action. Knowing the source can prevent poor process performance, substandard product quality, and costly fines.