How OSS Technology Measures Volatile and Non-Volatile Oil in Water

ClearShot™ Extraction Technology Measures both Volatile and Non-Volatile Portions Quickly, Safely and Accurately.

Based on the ASTM D7575 method, the process involves capturing the oil in water using only one patented ClearShot extractor to measure both components, without the need for complex testing methods or equipment. This innovative technology represents a dramatic improvement in testing capabilities, operator safety and cost savings.  The method uses the combined capabilities of the OSS ClearShot technology with FTIR units to measure various areas of the spectral range quickly and accurately, knowing the results within minutes.

Challenges of Traditional Methods

OSS technology has significant benefits over traditional methods, which have been a challenge for several reasons. Measuring the non-volatile components typically involved using solvents in liquid / liquid extraction processes that are time consuming, require chemical fume hood protection and are costly. In addition, measuring the volatile components required the use of sophisticated and costly equipment operated by trained technical personnel. ClearShot Extraction technology eliminates both of these challenges.

Advantages of OSS Volatile and Non-Volatile Measurement

  • Measures Both Components in any Water System
  • Eliminates Use of All Dangerous Solvents, such as N-Hexane
  • Reduces Cost via Chemical Savings, Risk Mitigation & Decreased Time
  • No Additional Equipment or Complex Methods Required
  • Environmental Benefits Achieved by Eliminating Hazardous Waste
  • Safe & Simple Procedure with Easy to Follow Steps

OSS Resources for Measuring Volatile & Non-Volatile Oil in Water

Volatile & Non-Volatile Information Sheet

Oil Identification

Identify the Source

OSS Clearshot technology, in combination with FTIR capabilities, can be used to create individual oil product “fingerprint” catalogues. These individual unique characteristics of different oils are used to automatically identify which oils are present in the sample being analyzed, with no additional steps required.

Prevent Quality Issues

OSS will work with your team to identify the oil products in samples being analyzed. In production facilities, you can quickly identify the source of an oil problem and take immediate action. Knowing the source can prevent poor process performance, substandard product quality, and costly fines.