How our ClearShot™ Extraction Technology Measures Oil and Grease in Water

ClearShot Extraction Technology is the Cost Effective, Safe and Accurate Method to Measure Total Oil and Grease in Water.

This patented technology represents a dramatic leap forward in operator safety, testing speed, process simplicity and accuracy of results with significant cost savings.  Measure a wide range of oil concentrations without the use of solvents. Identify specific oils in the samples with no additional time or effort. Applications include wastewater, process water and drinking water testing. Testing can be done in a laboratory or in the field where the samples are being taken.

Challenges of Traditional Water Testing Methods

OSS technology has significant benefits over traditional methods which rely on large volumes of solvents, significant sample size and lengthy, complex processes.  Accurately measuring low concentrations is particularly challenging with other methodology and identifying the oils is generally not possible.  In addition, other test methods are completed in a chemical hood, require sensitive balances and significant glassware.  None of this equipment is required for the OSS ClearShot method.

OSS ClearShot Advantage

  • Significantly Reduces Test Time and Complexity, Increasing Accuracy and Precision
  • Reduced Cost Through Chemical Savings, Risk Mitigation and Decreased Time
  • Environmental Benefits Achieved with Reusable Components and Reduction of Hazardous Waste
  • Eliminates All Solvents, No Need for Chemical Hoods, Minimizes Glassware and Lab Space
  • Testing can be Performed in the Field, Production Facility or in any Laboratory
  • Provides Ability to Identify Oil(s) to Detect Problem Source
  • Standard Method Measures Oil Concentrations to 0.2ppm to 200ppm
  • Internationally Approved as ASTM D7575

Oil in Water Testing Method

The OSS ClearShot Methodology has four main steps:

  • Obtain a homogenized 10 ml sample using a syringe.
  • Process the volume through the extractor
  • Dry the extractor
  • Measure oil concentration using an FTIR unit

Low Oil Concentrations

This method is also ideally suited for low oil concentration systems, such as wastewater, process water and drinking water testing applications.  The capabilities and benefits of the method include measuring oil concentrations down to 0.2 ppm.

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Oil Identification

Identify the Source

OSS Clearshot technology, in combination with FTIR capabilities, can be used to create individual oil product “fingerprint” catalogues. These individual unique characteristics of different oils are used to automatically identify which oils are present in the sample being analyzed, with no additional steps required.

Prevent Quality Issues

OSS will work with your team to identify the oil products in samples being analyzed. In production facilities, you can quickly identify the source of an oil problem and take immediate action. Knowing the source can prevent poor process performance, substandard product quality, and costly fines.