How Our ClearShot™ Technology Helps the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

OSS ClearShot™ Technology Is a Safe, Accurate, and Cost-Effective Method for Measuring Oil Concentration in Water.

For the offshore oil and gas industry, in drilling, production and decommissioning, OSS’s ClearShot Technology eliminates the drawbacks found in other oil in water testing methods. This patented technology represents a dramatic leap forward in employee safety, testing speed, simplicity, and accuracy with significant cost savings. The OSS ClearShot methodology is conveniently performed on-premises and is capable of identifying the specific oils in the sample with a high level of precision.

Avoid Challenges of Other Methods

This simple, quick, safe and cost-effective method can provide immediate feedback and detailed analytical information. Avoid the following:

  • Waiting for a response from an on-shore laboratory
  • Concerns about using solvents and sensitive weighing balances
  • Complex methods only performed by a select few

Advantages of the OSS Offshore Measurement Method

  • Solvent Free Method
  • Fast, Precise & Reliable
  • Economical Cost Savings
  • No Hazardous Waste
  • Safe & Simple Procedure
  • Worldwide Assistance
  • Testing on Premises

OSS Resources for Measuring Offshore Oil and Gas

Offshore Information Sheet

OffShore Overview Video

Oil Identification

Identify the Source

OSS Clearshot technology, in combination with FTIR capabilities, can be used to create individual oil product “fingerprint” catalogues. These individual unique characteristics of different oils are used to automatically identify which oils are present in the sample being analyzed, with no additional steps required.

Prevent Quality Issues

OSS will work with your team to identify the oil products in samples being analyzed. In production facilities, you can quickly identify the source of an oil problem and take immediate action. Knowing the source can prevent poor process performance, substandard product quality, and costly fines.