Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is one of the largest, most diverse clean power producers in North America.  OPG owns a total of 75 power generating facilities including 66 hydroelectric stations and 2 nuclear power plants and have interests in over 100 other facilities.  As an organization, our number one priority is the health and safety of OPG employees, contractors, and partner communities.

In 2019, OPG introduced a novel oil in water test method that successfully met all health and safety objectives.  Initially implemented at our Pickering Nuclear Power Generating Station, this technology was subsequently extended  to our Darlington site and later to our generating station in Bath, Ontario.  The adoption of the Orono Spectral Solutions (OSS) oil in water test method has enhanced safety across our sites, improved the well-being of our employees, and contributed to environmental protection for the surrounding communities.

Adam Cochrane, FLMa QA/Instrumentation of the Pickering Nuclear Power Generating Station, said, “OSS Maine is a company that is leading change in the area of oil analysis technologies.  Their technology is more reliable, has less use of hazardous chemicals and is easy to use.  It has been a pleasure collaborating with them..”  Adam presented a paper on the success of the OSS technology at the 2023 Power Plant Chemistry Advisory Group conference in San Diego, California, a forum for sharing insights, research findings and best practices

Through a collaborative effort between OPG and OSS, an additional test method has been developed and implemented to measure Flame Retardant Foam (FRF), measuring in the parts per billion level.   “This added capability will further protect the environment and provides us with additional tools to safely measure very low concentrations of critical materials in our system,” added Cochrane.

For more information about measuring oil in water, please contact Orono Spectral Solutions at www.ossmaine.com or call +1 (404) 403-8493.