In a wide range of applications, oils are used as part of the process to achieve the desired end product functionality. Once that process has been completed, all oil must then be removed with the use of solvents. However, accurately measuring oil contamination of this nature in various applications has proven to be quite a challenge. Oil remaining in solvent-based systems or on the surfaces of parts can create product quality and product performance issues as well as potentially dangerous situations.

Significant Issues with Traditional Methods

The measurement of residual oil has traditionally relied on methods ranging from complex processes that use dangerous solvents for extracting oils to visual inspections that are problematic due to limited visibility. These methods can be difficult to perform, time consuming, and more importantly, may not provide an accurate measurement of residual oil concentration. As a result, more time and excess money may be spent on additional cleaning and solvent extractions to ensure that no oil remains. In these applications, the risk of excessive or any residual oil can pose tremendous quality, safety and financial risks to the manufacturers.

Leading Edge ClearShotTM Technology Application

Orono Spectral Solutions (OSS) has developed a simple, easy to use, residual oil measurement method that quickly provides key information required to make important manufacturing and quality control decisions. With just a few simple, safe and quick steps, OSS ClearShot Technology can accurately measure and distinguish between different concentration levels. Within a short period of time, a sample is taken and processed using the ASTM D7575 approved method.

Results are accurate, precise and able to generate key information for quality control and process performance. Using ClearShotTM Technology, anyone can accurately, safely and quickly measure extremely low non-volatile residual oil concentrations in critical applications, including oil remaining on the surface of various materials, oil in a fluid or even oil in soil.