The OSS Method for Accurately and Safely Measuring Oil and Grease in Soil

Orono Spectral Solutions (OSS) is introducing a breakthrough method to measure Oil and Grease in Soil.  Our ClearSoil Extraction Technology represents a rapid advancement in measuring Oil and Grease in Soil accurately, precisely, quickly and cost-effectively, while measuring concentrations from 500 to 150,000 ppm.  This method is ideally suited for the remediation of leaking tanks, pipelines and retention ponds and can be performed in the field or laboratory. 

OSS ClearSoil Extraction Technology eliminates the guesswork in trying to determine color ranges to estimate oil concentrations. In addition, this test method can determine the level of oil and identify the oil in samples.  This last benefit can quickly lead to the source of the oil issue and/or eliminate specific possibilities from being the source. Due to its portability, this technology can help prevent a minor issue from becoming a major crisis.

Developed in response to a need from government regulatory agencies, the method is a major step forward in terms of speed, accuracy and precision.  Dean Smith, VP for Engineering at OSS, commented, “This new technology is another demonstration of the power and versatility of the OSS solid state sampling technology used in conjunction with FTIR devices.”

Eliminate Challenges of Traditional Methods

Measuring oil in soil has traditionally been challenging. With the OSS simple to use method, anyone can eliminate the challenges of other sampling systems and receive immediate, accurate feedback.   Analysis can be performed in the field or in the lab. In addition, real-time data avoids downtime of equipment at remediation sites, such as those with leaking tanks, pipelines and retention ponds.  Unlike other methods, the OSS ClearSoil Technology is simple to use, requiring only five steps to complete, which also reduces operator error.  Retaining electronic and physical data for future confirmation of test results is also possible with this new method.