OSS ClearShot™ technology can help you identify any contaminants in your system to ensure your process is operating as designed

Solvents and Traditional Methods

Organizations that use traditional Oil in Water test methods understand that there are significant flammability issues, human health concerns and environmental impacts associated with solvents.   Whether it is the use of N-Hexane, cyclohexane or any other solvent, exposure to these materials can result in increased health and safety issues.  

Many laboratories have expressed concerns about solvents becoming contaminated within these processes, resulting in the need to discard an entire set of results.  Another issue has been a disruption to operations due to the inability to obtain the correct purity for a necessary solvent.  In addition, the cost and legal status of some of these materials makes it difficult to justify their continued use. 

Elimination of Health and Safety Issues

The OSS ClearShotTM Method (ASTM D7575) for the measurement of Oil in Water eliminates all related health, environmental and safety issues associated with solvents.   Measurement of Total Oil and Grease in water (TOG) and oil in other fluids using OSS technology is rapid, accurate and safe.   Used across a wide range of global applications, there is no need to purchase, use or dispose of hazardous waste from solvents. 

Environmental Impact

This highly innovative method removes the need for a chemical fume hood, translating into a smaller laboratory footprint.  This simple process requires less glassware and has a few simple steps.  In certain applications, the method can be a zero-waste solution, as the ClearShot extractors can be returned to OSS to be refurbished and then used again and again.  The OSS Oil in Water test method can also identify the oil or oils in samples.  This positive and rapid identification of oils can lead to faster resolution of potential leaks and minimize environmental impact and fines. In addition, the potential for negative press can also be minimized since the method can be performed by anyone at any time to immediately determine the oil concentration and identify whenever there is just a hint of an issue.