ClearShotTM Extraction Technology is the new cost-effective way to efficiently, safely and accurately measure oil and grease in water content.

In addition to measuring the total amount of oil and grease in water, the technology can identify the specific oil and grease contaminant.  Samples can be retained for further measurements as part of a Quality Control Process.  Both of these benefits contribute to increased safety, lower corporate risk and significant financial benefits.

Challenges of the current methods include:

  • Frequent exposure to solvents, such as n-Hexane for the technician is required. N-Hexane is a highly volatile, flammable solvent, a known neurotoxin, and must be disposed of as hazardous waste.
  • Analytical times are lengthy and the methods are complex
  • Test results can fluctuate due to significant opportunities for operator error
  • Test methods cannot identify the specific oil or grease present in the sample
  • Testing low concentrations is near impossible unless highly sensitive and costly equipment is purchased that require skilled operators
  • Testing in the field is a challenge due to solvents, the need for sensitive weigh balances and/or the use of sensitive equipment

OSS ClearShot Technology:

Adopting the OSS ClearShot technology addresses all of the challenges and issues associated with the current methods.

The method has four main steps:

  1. Obtain a homogenized 10 ml sample using a syringe.
  2. Process the volume through the extractor
  3. Dry the extractor
  4. Measure oil concentration using an FTIR unit

OSS ClearShot Technology, approved under “ASTM D7575 – Standard Method for Solvent-Free Membrane Recoverable Oil and Grease by Infrared Determination” eliminates the need for any and all solvents, reduces the time for testing and simplifies the process, reducing the variability from operator actions.  In contrast to current methods in use, samples can be retained for further test confirmation and quality control. The method can be used both in the field and in laboratory settings.

Oil Identification: 

OSS technology, in combination with FTIR capabilities, can create product “fingerprint” catalogues. These individual unique characteristics of different oil products can be used to identify which oil is present in the sample being analyzed, with no additional steps required.

OSS can work with your team to identify the oil products throughout your process. Create fingerprints of each product and their use location so that you can quickly identify the source of the problem and take immediate action. Knowing the source can then allow you to prevent poor process performance, substandard product quality, and environmental exceedance.


Low Oil Concentrations:

This method is also ideally suited for low oil concentration systems, such as wastewater, process water and drinking water testing applications.  The capabilities and benefits of the method include measuring oil concentrations down to 0.2 ppm.  The short video below highlights OSS Technology for Low Oil Concentrations:

Low Concentration Sell Sheet

Offshore Oil in Water Testing:

For the offshore oil and gas industry, in drilling, production and decommissioning, OSS ClearShot Technology eliminates the drawbacks found in other methods, as highlighted in the video below.

Offshore Sell Sheet