ClearShotTM Extraction Technology is the new way to efficiently, safely and accurately measure oil and grease in water content.

In addition to this independently approved method to measure the total amount of oil and grease in water, the technology can be used to identify the specific oil and grease contaminant and samples can be retained for further measurements as part of a Quality Control Process.

Challenges of the current methods include

  • Frequent exposure to n-Hexane for the technician is required. N-Hexane is a highly volatile solvent, a known neurotoxin that is highly flammable, and must be disposed of as hazardous waste
  • Analytical time for this method is lengthy and the method is complex
  • Test results can fluctuate due to significant opportunity for operator error
  • Test method cannot identify the specific oil or grease present in the sample

Adopting the OSS ClearShot technology addresses all of the challenges and issues associated with the current methods.  The independently approved method “ASTM D7575 – Standard Method for Solvent-Free Membrane Recoverable Oil and Grease by Infrared Determination” eliminates the need for any and all solvents, reduces the time for testing and simplifies the process reducing the variability from operator actions.  In contrast to current methods in use, samples can be retained for further test confirmation and quality control. The method can be used both in the field and in laboratory settings.

In this older video, one can see the use of a syringe pump. This is recommended in samples that have very high oil concentrations

OSS technology, in combination with FTIR capabilities, can create product “finger print” catalogues. These individual characteristics of different oil products can be used to identify which oil is present in the sample being analyzed.

Orono Spectral Solutions, Inc.


  • Detection Limit: < 5ppm
  • Lower Quantification Limit: < 5 ppm
  • Linear Reporting Range: 5 – 200 ppm
  • Average Analysis Time per Sample: 15 minutes
  • Parallel Processing: A single operator can perform up to 20 measurements in one hour

OSS will work with you to develop method modifications for your specific needs should they fall outside the Specifications highlighted above.