Orono Spectral Solutions (OSS) announces its ASTM D7575 internationally approved oil and grease in water content testing method ideally suited for low oil concentration systems such as wastewater, process water and drinking water testing applications.  This method is the most cost effective option for measuring low oil concentrations. Saving time, eliminating chemicals, and reducing risk make this a very attractive solution for testing low oil concentrations.

OSS uses patented ClearShot™ technology, to quickly, safely and accurately measure oil and grease in water levels. This Green-Chemistry-Based method is safe, rapid and accurate so that it can be used to measure various points within a process and frequently measure the effluent oil and grease in water content. In addition, this test method has the sensitivity to identify specific oils that are creating potential environmental fines or negatively impacting the quality and performance of your process or products. When using the Orono Spectral Solutions ASTM D7575 oil and grease in water content testing method, you eliminate the need for purchasing, using and disposing of toxic solvents and any other chemicals. Avoid long, complex and time-consuming processes that take several hours to perform.  With ClearShot Technology, it is no longer necessary to wait days for results from outsourcing.  Instead, receive almost immediate feedback to prevent a small issue from becoming a significant problem.

Total Oil and Grease Measurement

Measuring oil and grease in water content systems just got a whole lot easier, faster, safer and less costly. Follow the simple, safe and rapid steps of ASTM D7575 to determine the total quantity of oil and grease in your system or sample. Small sample volumes allow users to perform replicate analyses from standard 1-liter samples to ensure accurate and reproducible results. Simply use a 10ml syringe to collect your homogenized sample and process it through the ClearShot™ extractor. The extractor is then dried and placed into an FTIR unit that, within a few seconds, provides the precise level of oil and grease present in your sample.  The method is ideally suited for processing a large batch of samples in a short period of time.

Watch the video below to see how simple, safe and easy the test method is to perform.

Identifying the Source of the Problem

OSS can work with your team to identify the oil products throughout your process. Create fingerprints of each oil and their use location so that you can quickly identify the source of the problem and take immediate action. Knowing the source can then allow you to prevent poor process performance, substandard product quality, and environmental exceedance.

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