Breakthrough Product Quality Testing Method Approved by U.S. DOT

Bangor, ME, September 1, 2017 – Orono Spectral Solutions (OSS), a global provider of advanced chemical sampling materials and novel analytical methods, announced today that the US Department of Transportation (DOT) has issued an approval for companies to use their ClearShot™ technology as a faster, safer and more accurate method to determine water content in anhydrous ammonia – a DOT regulated measurement to ensure shipping safety.  Anhydrous ammonia is one of the most prominent fertilizer, refrigeration, and manufacturing commodities in the world.

This innovation is representative of the leading edge solutions that are developed by OSS.  Whether it is measuring oil or water in liquids, solids or air, or other contaminants in diverse applications, the OSS technology provides operational and financial benefits for numerous organizations.   The ClearShot™ technology, which is already being used by many organizations to replace and eliminate the need for dangerous solvents and other chemicals, can be customized to meet specific customer needs.

With this DOT approval, the new method offers many benefits to anhydrous ammonia manufacturers and their customers, allowing them to increase profits and enhance product quality while improving safety.  The method was developed using OSS proprietary technology in conjunction with a wide number of anhydrous ammonia manufacturing laboratory personnel in a highly collaborative effort.

“In the development of this new method, OSS responded to industry requests to improve upon a time consuming and outdated method that plagued the industry with fiscal and safety drawbacks. The new test method using ClearShot™ technology, requiring only 20 minutes to generate a result, is an alternative method to the current process that requires several hours to perform,” said Dean Smith, OSS Vice President of Engineering.  “Based on Green Chemistry principles, this new method gives a manufacturer the ability to quickly and accurately issue a Certificate of Analysis for water content for each shipment and will help production facilities operate with maximum efficiency and at higher profit margins.”

ClearShot™ technology is based on patented processes and methods that are being used in a wide range of markets including; food and beverage, oil and gas, aerospace and others.  A significant feature of this technology is that it can measure the content of many different liquids, solids and gases, resulting in significant time and cost savings for businesses.

About Orono Spectral Solutions:  Incorporated in 2004, Orono Spectral Solutions develops and markets leading edge surface chemistry technology for sampling products that satisfy the needs within a wide range of Defense, Industrial and Environmental industries.

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