OSS ClearShot™ & ClearSampler™ Technologies

In an effort to help you convey the technology to target customers, OSS has created a testing demonstration kit that enables you to efficiently and effectively perform the various testing methods at your facility or at the target customer location.

ClearShot technology solid state sampling extractors are used to measure oil and grease in a wide range of fluids from water, ammonia, and air. The technology is adaptable to more challenging applications and can be used for quality control, product assurance and customer questions.

ClearSampler technology discs enable the safe and rapid gathering of unknown materials for identification. Sample from any surface; rough/smooth, wet/dry, hard/soft, and be certain that the material is in the proper position for the unit to detect.

OSS provides additional support with training videos, website content and direct customer communication when requested.

ClearShot Technology Equipment

  • 10 ClearShot extractors
    • 5 – 25 mm devices – oil & grease in water 5 – 200 ppm
    • 5 – 13 mm devices – oil & grease in water 1 – 40 ppm & other specialty applications
  • 1 alignment card
    • Confirms that alignment of the FTIR beam to be in the middle of the card
  • 1 card holder
    • This device holds the ClearShot extractors in place for the FTIR unit
  • 10 Standard Syringes
  • 3 Point 13 mm Calibration Standard Devices
    • Blank and 2 extractors with different oil content
    • For demonstration use only
  • 1 Pressure regulator
    • For controlling the dry air pressure to the extractor
  • 1 in-line air filter and desiccant
    • To ensure dry air is delivered to the extractor
  • 5 feet of high-pressure tubing
  • 1 Dual-Output Luer Valve
    • Able to dry two extractors at the same time

ClearSampler Technology Equipment

  • 1 ClearSampler Wand
  • 2 ClearSampler Cases – 1 New (full)  / 1 Used (empty)
  • 6 ClearSampler Devices

Misc. Equipment 

  • 1 Pelican 1470 Protector Case
  • 1 Larger Plastic Box
  • 2 Small Plastic Boxes
  • Misc. Luer Parts
    • 1/4 NPT MALE to MALE LUER & Male Luer to Male Luer Union

OSS Software

1 Memory Stick Includes OSS documentation and marketing materials